method w

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class Proc::Async

From Proc::Async

(Proc::Async) method w

method w(Proc::Async:D:)

Returns a true value if :w was passed to the constructor, that is, if the external program is started with its input stream made available to output to the program through the .print, .say and .write methods.

class IO::Special

From IO::Special

(IO::Special) method w

method w(IO::Special:D: --> Bool)

The 'write access' file test operator, returns True only if this instance represents either the standard output (<STOUT>) or the standard error (<STDERR>) handle.

class IO::Path

From IO::Path

(IO::Path) method w

Defined as:

method w(--> Bool:D)

Returns True if the invocant is a path that exists and is writable. The method will fail with X::IO::DoesNotExist if the path points to a non-existent filesystem entity.