method mode

Documentation for method mode assembled from the following types:

class IO::Special

From IO::Special

(IO::Special) method mode

method mode(IO::Special:D: --> Nil)

The mode for the filehandle, it always returns Nil

class IO::Path

From IO::Path

(IO::Path) method mode

Return an IntStr object representing the POSIX permissions of a file. The Str part of the result is the octal representation of the file permission, like the form accepted by the chmod(1) utility.

say ~"path/to/file".IO.mode;  # e.g. '0644' 
say +"path/to/file".IO.mode;  # e.g. 420, where sprintf('%04o', 420) eq '0644' 

The result of this can be used in the other methods that take a mode as an argument.

"path/to/file1".IO.chmod("path/to/file2".IO.mode);  # will change the 
                                                    # permissions of file1 
                                                    # to be the same as file2 

class X::IO::Mkdir

From X::IO::Mkdir

(X::IO::Mkdir) method mode

Returns the permissions mask of the failed mkdir operation as an Int.