method code

Documentation for method code assembled from the following types:

class CallFrame

From CallFrame

(CallFrame) method code

method code()

Return the callable code for the current block. When called on the object returned by callframe(0), this will be the same value found in &?BLOCK.

my $frame;
for ^3 { FIRST $frame = callframesay $_ * 3 };
say $frame.code()

The $frame variable will hold the Code for the block inside the loop in this case.

class Backtrace::Frame

From Backtrace::Frame

(Backtrace::Frame) method code

Defined as:

method code(Backtrace::Frame:D)

Returns the code object into which .file and .line point, if available.

my $bt =;
my $btf = $bt[0];
say $btf.code;