routine after

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From Operators

(Operators) infix after

multi sub infix:<after>(Any,       Any)
multi sub infix:<after>(Real:D,    Real:D)
multi sub infix:<after>(Str:D,     Str:D)
multi sub infix:<after>(Version:DVersion:D)

Generic ordering, uses the same semantics as cmp. Returns True if the first argument is larger than the second.

class StrDistance

From StrDistance

(StrDistance) method after

Also a class attribute, returns the string after the transformation:

say $str-dist.after;  # OUTPUT: «fnew␤» 

class X::Parameter::WrongOrder

From X::Parameter::WrongOrder

(X::Parameter::WrongOrder) method after

Returns a string describing other parameters after which the current parameter was illegally placed (for example "variadic", "positional" or "optional").